About the CEO

Ashok Mansukhani

Mr. Ashok Mansukhani is the new CEO & Managing Director of Hinduja Media Group and Whole-Time Director of M/s. Hinduja Ventures Limited (formerly known as Hinduja TMT Limited). Hinduja Ventures Limited (HVL) has a substantial stake in IndusInd Media and Communications Limited (IMCL) - India’s largest independent Multi System Cable Operator and India’s only HITS platform NXT Digital.

He is a veteran of Indian media industry and has over two decades of experience. He has been with the Hinduja Group for over 21 years handling a variety of operational and corporate responsibilities in Hinduja Media Group.

Mr. Mansukhani, a former Indian Revenue Service government official, has seen the Indian media industry (specifically the electronic medium) grow from staid Doordarshan days to the present vibrant --- and possibly a bit chaotic -- stage of evolution when the country has over 800 private sector licensed TV channels, several distribution platforms and approximately 50,000 cable operators. His stints at the pubcaster’s headquarters in New Delhi’s Mandi House area, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) and later in the private sector with the Hinduja Group, puts him in a unique position.

He brings many years of well-rounded administrative, practical and business knowledge of Indian media to the industry. He prides in remaining abreast of emerging technological trends and helps in evolving and ensuring implementation of evolving business strategies for the media companies of the Hinduja group.

His current priorities include getting digital rollout of Indian TV services “back on track”, push for promotion of digitization and increased education of consumers, explore how some of his cable segment colleagues could benefit from digitization and last, but not the least, to work towards bringing other segments of the media and entertainment sector, including regulators and policy-makers, together so a conducive environment for a mature dialogue could be created.