how NXTDIGITAL works?

how Nxt works

Our Earth Station, located at NXTDIGITAL Broadcast Centre in NOIDA is a world class facility, which is “The Hub” of all our activities is equipped to receive and downlink signals from Broadcaster satellites. After encrypting the signals of Pay channels to MPEG-4 digital signals, they are uplinked to Intelsat 39, which is our Pay channel satellite. To receive HITS signals, the basic requirement is to install COPE at your premise. You will also be provided with one dish to receive the encrypted Pay channel signals through COPE. For the FTA channels, you will need to install one to three dishes depending on your selection of COPE TIER.

The Cable Operator Premise Equipment or COPE is designed to enable you to encrypt FTA channels through the best in class Conditional Access System (CAS). The Pay channels will be encrypted at the Earth Station. You will then be able to transmit Digital FTA and Pay channels and services to your subscribers as per the packages chosen. Your subscribers will receive the signals through their especially designed, robust Set Top Boxes and enjoy high quality entertainment.

nxtdigital-hits vs others





Signal Quality Superior Superior Superior
Bundles and Packages Multiple Choice Limited Choice Multiple Choice
Price Competitive Expensive Competitive
Local Channels Available Not possible Available
Rain Attenuation No Yes No
Channel Carrying Bandwidth No Restriction Highly Restricted to Same/Co-located Satellite* No Restriction on adding satellite
HD & VAS Limited Service Exist Potential to add Complete Services
Mode of Payment Home Collection Pre Paid Home Collection + Pre Paid
Customer Service Inferior Superior Superior